4th Jan

The Bloomin’ Bride Wedding Give- Away
Yes, it’s true! We are giving away a complete wedding to one Bloomin’
Bride. Registration begins January 3, 2010 at the Eagle Eye Bridal
Show Until January 17th at 5 pm.
Approximately $20,000 in products and services.

Registration January 3rd – January 17th, 2010.
Package includes FREE reception, Maggie Sottero Dress, Limo, Flowers, Cake, Photographer, DJ, Make-up and More!
Onsite Registration Only – Visit website for Location Information

Always Bloomin’ Inc
4661 Okemos Rd, Okemos, MI 48864
Tel. 517-410-3909

30th Nov

Below are simpler yet trendy drinks that can be served as specialty or signature drinks at the wedding, bridal shower and stagette party.  Please post a comment on your favourite recipe!

Crystal Cocktail
2 parts Absolut Vodka
1 part Blueberry Liqueur

Hpnotiq Martini
2 part Hpnotiq
1 part Vodka
1 dash lemon

Caribbean Romance
1 Amaretto
1 Grenadine
Orange Juice
Pineapple Juice
White Rum

Absolut Green Wedding
4 parts Absolut Vodka
2 parts Midori melon liqueur
1 dash lime juice
(serve in a champagne flute glass)

Woo Woo
2 parts Vodka
1 part Bols Peach
Crangerry Juice

Vectra (green & red)
1 part Vodka
1 part Midori melon liqueur
Sprite or 7-Up
Cranberry Juice
(serve in a highball glass)

Malibu Bay Breeze
1 shot Malibu or Malibu Mango
2 oz cranberry juice
2 oz pineapple juice

Cosmopolitan (deep red – a classic!)
2 parts Vodka
1 part Cointreau
2-3 parts cranberry juice

Margarita (another classic!)
2 part Tequila
1 part Cointreau
2 part lime juice
sugar rim

Tequila Sunrise (yet another classic!)
orange juice

1 shot Vodka
lime juice
cranberry juice
Sprite or 7-Up
(serve in a highball glass)

Dirty Swingers
1 oz Vodka
1/2 oz melon liqueur
1 oz Malibu Mango
1/2 oz pineapple juice
(serve in a short glass or add Sprite or 7-Up and serve in a highball glass)

Mang Tini
1 1/2 parts Malibu Mango
1-2 tsp sugar
Sprite or 7-Up
Splash of water
(serve in a cocktail glass)

Between the Sheets
1 part Cognac or Brandy
1 part Cointreau or Triple Sec
1 part White Rum
Lemon or Lime Juice
(serve in a cocktail glass)

26th Dec

Our official wedding photos taken by Hamid Attie.
His website is at: http://www.HamidAttie.com .

Our Wedding: Preparations & The Ceremony – Part 1 of 4

Streaming Windows Media Player movie (.wmv)
File size: 99.12 MB
Length: 12:16 minutes

Our Wedding – Part 2 of 4

Streaming Windows Media Player movie (.wmv)
File size: 8.05 MB
Length: 1:49 minutes

Our Wedding – Part 3 of 4

Streaming Windows Media Player movie (.wmv)
File size: 11.99 MB
Length: 1:49 minutes

Our Wedding – Part 4 of 4

Streaming Windows Media Player movie (.wmv)
File size: 135.14 MB
Length: 16:50 minutes

I have known Hamid for a few years now. He is always our first choice for our group photos and portraits. We are overjoyed with our wedding photographs. Hamid’s photojournalistic style really captured each moment. Not only did Hamid photograph our wedding ceremony, festivities, and esthetics of the wedding, he captured what was also important to us – our guests – our family and friends who have shared with us along the way.

If you would like a copy of the DVD version of these Slideshow – so much more clearer and brighter on a TV screen – please email me. I will be glad to burn you a copy!

30th Nov

We are back from our Maui honeymoon!  Ahhhh… reality!
From 28 degree Celsius weather to near zero degrees in Vancouver, then one day later, I was off to Montreal where it was snowing.  Brrrrr!

We stayed in Kahana, north-west side of Maui in between Lahaina and Napili.
We had a blast!  Tropical island with all the convenience of home!

Highlights of the trip:
Road trip all around Maui
Haleakala volcana
I’ao Needle
Road to Hana and the stops in between
Feast of Lele Luau
Front Street in Lahaina
Golfing at Ka’anapali and Kahili golf course
Maui Ocean Center
All the beaches
All the food

25th Nov

Here’s a link to a site where you can change your name/address for various BC government agencies.

British Columbia’s Change of Address Service – Multiple Address Change

You can change your name and address for your BC Driver’s Licence, Medical Service Plan, Elections Canada, etc. via the Online forms.

16th Oct

Should I take legal action?
Below is our bridesmaids’ dresses saga.
The kicker – Our bridesmaids dresses were not ready for pick-up until the DAY OF my wedding. (!!!)  Dresses were ordered and paid for IN FULL 9 months prior to the wedding. (!!!)

Three dresses were picked up night before. Worse still is one of my bridesmaids dresses was not ready until 10am the morning of my wedding. We were to leave for the church at 12:30pm!

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
My bridesmaids are doing the same as the alterations that they paid for at full price were rushed and unprofessional. Hemming was off. Boning was removed instead of doing a proper alteration, etc.

The BBB already have several complaints regarding this shop.

Excerpt from my BBB complaint:
Delivery date was supposed to be in August, 6 months after purchase. I called a few times and they said first week of September. No explanation as to why the dresses would be arriving late. No time to assess the risks of late delivery and mitigate the problem(s). On that Tuesday, all bridesmaids rescheduled work to have their first fitting. Bridesmaids were to pick up the dresses from the shop 2 days later on FRIDAY, the day before the wedding. However, 2 of the dresses were not ready. My bridesmaids had to return twice to the shop to meet with manager, Darlene, as well as the seamstresses to fix the problem with bad alterations on one of the dresses. They blamed my bridesmaid for her body type and selecting that type of dress. All the girls wore the exact same dress and these were sold by the shop’s sales people. Darlene, the manager also kept pushing us to buy their corsets and shoes even when we still have not received the dresses. The last dress was picked up by my bridesmaids at 10am on the day of my wedding – at the seamstress’ house not the shop (!!!), 2 hours before we were to leave for the church.

No attempt was made by the manager to have the dresses delivered or courriered to us. No attempt to remunerate some of the costs for the dresses or alterations. Alterations were charged full price. It should be noted that the alterations were rushed and not professionally done. They were “quick-fix” alterations. The dresses were $260 each. Alterations ranged from $100-$250.

11th Oct

I was amazed by how much prices differed between the US and Canada.  Our Canadian bridal shops mark up their prices by double or triple but the kicker is the items are still almost double the marked-up American item!  Even our Michaels’ craft stores are much more expensive than our US counterparts.  I visited the bridal shops here in Vancouver and also Canadian websites across Canada.  Crazy prices.  $50 for 50 miniature bottles of bubbles???  Specialty paper prices?  Insanely high!  Even our selection of wedding items is minimal compared to the US shops. *SIGH*

To keep from going broke or sacrificing my wedding ideas, I did my research and bought most of my decor and accessories including veil, shoes, ribbons, tulle, CD jewel cases, unity candle, etc. from eBay or reputable online shops in the States.  I got the items shipped from the US.  The bonus was most of the items did not even get charged duty!  Even our Custom Gobo was still $50-75CAD cheaper than having it made in the US and courriered to Canada.  Oh!  Another charge I didn’t have to pay was the 14% GST and PST taxes!  Now that the exchange rate has the Canadian dollar at par with the US dollar, I’m sure more Canadian brides and grooms will be cross-border shopping.

Our guests mentioned how we must have spent a fortune on all the details.  Well… it still wasn’t super budget but we were able to have our fairy tale wedding without the huge price tag!  Yay!

9th Oct

Our first attempt at a music video was on Sunday, July 8, 2007.  The venue was Aberthau House which is also known as the West Point Grey Community Center.  It is situated close to Jericho Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia.  We rented the outside gardens for a half-day.

We managed to round up our bridal party (sans Best Man unfortunately) after much bribing with pitchers of beer.  No problem with the girls though.  They were all gung-ho for some fun and silliness.  How often do you get asked to do a music video, right? 

Mr. Bloom, poor dude, was so out of his element though.  He was to be the star of the video lipsynching to a punk-rock cover of “O Solo Mio” by The Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.  I have to commend my Mr. Bloom for really trying hard to do something so out of his comfort zone for me.  I know he tried his best!  I’m Filipino so it’s genetic and an Islander-way to want to entertain.  He is Czech and much more reserved. 

*** Warning… I’m going to be sappy… coming up… now!*** 

I TOTALLY MELTED up on the patio ledge when Mr. Bloom was doing his serenade thing.  I really felt like I was being courted the old-fashioned way.  I was so not acting up there!  I fell for my Mr. Bloom all over again because he was sooooo sweet, ackward, and vulnerable trying to act and lipsync while the girls were all giggling and the guys were all ribbing him.  Usually, he’s Mr. Strong-Silent-All-Male type of guy.

*** End of mushiness *** 

I have to thank the groomsmen and my bro who spent an entire day with us.  I know it took lots of bribes by the groom to get them to participate.  I hope it was all worth it for Mr. Bloom and the guys.  

Click on “The Blooms Video Gallery” to view our final product.  Our awesome and talented videographer, Rafael of WiredDigital.com of Vancouver, edited together “Maestro’s Serenade” with “Miss Bloom’s At Last”.  Raf… you’re a genius!!!  Hope you like the video.  From the loud laughter and kudos from our wedding guests, I think it’s safe to say that the wedding MTV concept video was a success!