Our first attempt at a music video was on Sunday, July 8, 2007.  The venue was Aberthau House which is also known as the West Point Grey Community Center.  It is situated close to Jericho Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia.  We rented the outside gardens for a half-day.

We managed to round up our bridal party (sans Best Man unfortunately) after much bribing with pitchers of beer.  No problem with the girls though.  They were all gung-ho for some fun and silliness.  How often do you get asked to do a music video, right? 

Mr. Bloom, poor dude, was so out of his element though.  He was to be the star of the video lipsynching to a punk-rock cover of “O Solo Mio” by The Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.  I have to commend my Mr. Bloom for really trying hard to do something so out of his comfort zone for me.  I know he tried his best!  I’m Filipino so it’s genetic and an Islander-way to want to entertain.  He is Czech and much more reserved. 

*** Warning… I’m going to be sappy… coming up… now!*** 

I TOTALLY MELTED up on the patio ledge when Mr. Bloom was doing his serenade thing.  I really felt like I was being courted the old-fashioned way.  I was so not acting up there!  I fell for my Mr. Bloom all over again because he was sooooo sweet, ackward, and vulnerable trying to act and lipsync while the girls were all giggling and the guys were all ribbing him.  Usually, he’s Mr. Strong-Silent-All-Male type of guy.

*** End of mushiness *** 

I have to thank the groomsmen and my bro who spent an entire day with us.  I know it took lots of bribes by the groom to get them to participate.  I hope it was all worth it for Mr. Bloom and the guys.  

Click on “The Blooms Video Gallery” to view our final product.  Our awesome and talented videographer, Rafael of WiredDigital.com of Vancouver, edited together “Maestro’s Serenade” with “Miss Bloom’s At Last”.  Raf… you’re a genius!!!  Hope you like the video.  From the loud laughter and kudos from our wedding guests, I think it’s safe to say that the wedding MTV concept video was a success!