Should I take legal action?
Below is our bridesmaids’ dresses saga.
The kicker – Our bridesmaids dresses were not ready for pick-up until the DAY OF my wedding. (!!!)  Dresses were ordered and paid for IN FULL 9 months prior to the wedding. (!!!)

Three dresses were picked up night before. Worse still is one of my bridesmaids dresses was not ready until 10am the morning of my wedding. We were to leave for the church at 12:30pm!

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
My bridesmaids are doing the same as the alterations that they paid for at full price were rushed and unprofessional. Hemming was off. Boning was removed instead of doing a proper alteration, etc.

The BBB already have several complaints regarding this shop.

Excerpt from my BBB complaint:
Delivery date was supposed to be in August, 6 months after purchase. I called a few times and they said first week of September. No explanation as to why the dresses would be arriving late. No time to assess the risks of late delivery and mitigate the problem(s). On that Tuesday, all bridesmaids rescheduled work to have their first fitting. Bridesmaids were to pick up the dresses from the shop 2 days later on FRIDAY, the day before the wedding. However, 2 of the dresses were not ready. My bridesmaids had to return twice to the shop to meet with manager, Darlene, as well as the seamstresses to fix the problem with bad alterations on one of the dresses. They blamed my bridesmaid for her body type and selecting that type of dress. All the girls wore the exact same dress and these were sold by the shop’s sales people. Darlene, the manager also kept pushing us to buy their corsets and shoes even when we still have not received the dresses. The last dress was picked up by my bridesmaids at 10am on the day of my wedding – at the seamstress’ house not the shop (!!!), 2 hours before we were to leave for the church.

No attempt was made by the manager to have the dresses delivered or courriered to us. No attempt to remunerate some of the costs for the dresses or alterations. Alterations were charged full price. It should be noted that the alterations were rushed and not professionally done. They were “quick-fix” alterations. The dresses were $260 each. Alterations ranged from $100-$250.