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Bloomin’ Brides is a blogging website focused on Canadian brides.
The site was created in May 2007.

Welcome to Bloomin’ Brides!

Welcome to Bloomin’ Brides, a blog site dedicated to the Canadian bride.
I am to be married in September 2007.   I had 9 months to plan my bigger-than-you-can-chew wedding!
Just 4 months to go!  Yikes!
*** Update! *** Married now and we’re loving it!

I’ve always known what I wanted for my wedding.
Luckily, my fiancé’s plans are along the same lines as mine.  PHEW!
When I started researching vendors and items that I would like to procure, I found it difficult to source out Canadian resources.  I have to admit that I did most of my shopping for wedding apparel and decor on eBay!
Okay, I admit it… I spend HOURS DAILY researching potential wedding purchases online before I make a bid.
So far, I’m very pleased with what I’ve bought.  I can also say that that I’m quite comfortable with the prices I had to pay for them… shipping, exchange rate, and the off-chance I had to pay customs and brokerage fees.
Surprisingly, I don’t feel guilty about any purchases!  It’s a wedding so some of the purchases were emotional buys – but at least I got a wicked deal on them.   Some 1/3 the cost for the item at a bridal shop! (if I could actually find the item in Canada)

The blog entries that follow will describe items that I’ve researched.
The blog will also showcase Canadian vendors as well as international vendors that ship to Canada.
Hopefully, we will also have many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects to share.
I will also share what my fiancé and I have learned at the much groaned about mandatory marriage preparation classes we attended.  With all the wedding celebration preparations, many couples and families forget about the psychological, emotional, and financial preparations that should be addressed before the wedding day.

If you would like to be a contributing author on this blog, please email me at editor@bloominbrides.com .


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