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30th Nov

Below are simpler yet trendy drinks that can be served as specialty or signature drinks at the wedding, bridal shower and stagette party.  Please post a comment on your favourite recipe! Crystal Cocktail 2 parts Absolut Vodka 1 part Blueberry Liqueur Hpnotiq Martini 2 part Hpnotiq 1 part Vodka 1 dash lemon Caribbean Romance 1 […]

8th Oct
8th Oct
24th Aug

Tonight Mr. Bloom is attending a Stag for one of his friends up in Whistler. I have the night to myself!  I can stay up as late as I want!  =D Unfortunately, I’m not as peppy as I once was and am feeling much too lazy after a challenging work week. Fortunately, my Bridal Shower […]

29th Jul

Here are pics of our Bridal Shower Giveaway prototype. The glass is from our collection of glasses and not the IKEA snaps glasses. It’s funny how the grapes and vine etching makes the beaded accent look like a snake! Or perhaps I’ve been reading too much from the Book of Genesis looking for a reading for […]

28th Jul

We’ll be having my bridal shower in a week’s time. We’re having the shower and the bachelorette party on the same day. There are so many weddings, bridal showers and baby showers to attend this year that I thought this would be the most practical.  Unfortunately, the only weekend available is the August long weekend […]