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4th Jan

The Bloomin’ Bride Wedding Give- Away Yes, it’s true! We are giving away a complete wedding to one Bloomin’ Bride. Registration begins January 3, 2010 at the Eagle Eye Bridal Show Until January 17th at 5 pm. Approximately $20,000 in products and services. Registration January 3rd – January 17th, 2010. Package includes FREE reception, Maggie […]

30th Nov

Below are simpler yet trendy drinks that can be served as specialty or signature drinks at the wedding, bridal shower and stagette party.  Please post a comment on your favourite recipe! Crystal Cocktail 2 parts Absolut Vodka 1 part Blueberry Liqueur Hpnotiq Martini 2 part Hpnotiq 1 part Vodka 1 dash lemon Caribbean Romance 1 […]

26th Dec

Our official wedding photos taken by Hamid Attie. His website is at: .   Our Wedding: Preparations & The Ceremony – Part 1 of 4 Streaming Windows Media Player movie (.wmv) File size: 99.12 MB Length: 12:16 minutes Our Wedding – Part 2 of 4 Streaming Windows Media Player movie (.wmv) File size: 8.05 MB […]

30th Nov

We are back from our Maui honeymoon!  Ahhhh… reality! From 28 degree Celsius weather to near zero degrees in Vancouver, then one day later, I was off to Montreal where it was snowing.  Brrrrr! We stayed in Kahana, north-west side of Maui in between Lahaina and Napili. We had a blast!  Tropical island with all […]

25th Nov

Here’s a link to a site where you can change your name/address for various BC government agencies. British Columbia’s Change of Address Service – Multiple Address Change You can change your name and address for your BC Driver’s Licence, Medical Service Plan, Elections Canada, etc. via the Online forms.

16th Oct

Should I take legal action? Below is our bridesmaids’ dresses saga. …………………………………………………. The kicker – Our bridesmaids dresses were not ready for pick-up until the DAY OF my wedding. (!!!)  Dresses were ordered and paid for IN FULL 9 months prior to the wedding. (!!!) Three dresses were picked up night before. Worse still is […]

11th Oct

I was amazed by how much prices differed between the US and Canada.  Our Canadian bridal shops mark up their prices by double or triple but the kicker is the items are still almost double the marked-up American item!  Even our Michaels’ craft stores are much more expensive than our US counterparts.  I visited the bridal shops here […]

9th Oct

Our first attempt at a music video was on Sunday, July 8, 2007.  The venue was Aberthau House which is also known as the West Point Grey Community Center.  It is situated close to Jericho Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia.  We rented the outside gardens for a half-day. We managed to round up our bridal […]