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16th Oct

Should I take legal action? Below is our bridesmaids’ dresses saga. …………………………………………………. The kicker – Our bridesmaids dresses were not ready for pick-up until the DAY OF my wedding. (!!!)  Dresses were ordered and paid for IN FULL 9 months prior to the wedding. (!!!) Three dresses were picked up night before. Worse still is […]

11th Oct

I was amazed by how much prices differed between the US and Canada.  Our Canadian bridal shops mark up their prices by double or triple but the kicker is the items are still almost double the marked-up American item!  Even our Michaels’ craft stores are much more expensive than our US counterparts.  I visited the bridal shops here […]

29th Sep

Below is a link to our wedding photos that were taken by a few of our awesome guests.  More to come!  Enjoy! Our Wedding

13th Sep

I just had my final wedding dress fitting! It was a surreal experience yet again for me.  I can’t believe that I’m the bride and not just organizing someone else’s wedding.  I hope I can shake off my daze so I can remember and enjoy every single moment of our wedding days. I brought my […]

25th Aug

Hi! My florist and wedding event coordinator, Cecilia “CC” Roa of, recommended this website as a great source for Local Canadian Wedding Resources. Urban Weddings View the Mini Website pictorials of various local weddings by clicking on the Pink box on bottom of Right column. Also visit the Resource Directory for the directory […]

20th Aug

With only 33 days before the wedding, I have finally bitten the bullet and started working on putting the Ceremony programs / missalette together. Actually, I only started working on it because our officiating priest asked me to prepare it so he can take a look at our reading selections and the Filipino/Hispanic parts of […]

17th Aug

My dad went to pick up my brother’s suit at Moore’s Clothing for Men tonight.  To kill two birds with one stone, we decided to have my dad fitted for his tuxedo at the same time.  The consultant was very helpful to point out that we should pick colours and styles that will compliment the […]

1st Aug

My flower girl baskets are here! They are absolutely gorgeous.  At $12 CAD a piece + combo shipping, it was a great deal.  Yes, another buy from eBay.  I was going to make the baskets myself.  However, after tallying the cost of satin, satin and organza ribbon, charms, fancy edging, and the basket itself, it would […]