13th Sep

I just had my final wedding dress fitting!
It was a surreal experience yet again for me.  I can’t believe that I’m the bride and not just organizing someone else’s wedding.  I hope I can shake off my daze so I can remember and enjoy every single moment of our wedding days.

I brought my veil and tiara with me to try on with the dress.  My veil is a two tier fingertip-length veil with crytals lining the edges.  It was another eBay purchase.  I got it for $75.  This same veil with less crystals was $300 at the bridal salon where I purchased my dress.  Once I got into my dress, I pulled the blusher over my face.  After a few minutes, I was starting to feel hot and uncomfortable.  I don’t think I would be able to spend over an hour and a half hot under a veil.  In addition, I couldn’t really see through the tulle mesh.  It’s not a super fine tulle mesh so it’s not almost transparent.  However, I do want to go down the aisle wearing the blusher because it’s traditional and adds more romance to a wedding.  So, my question is, when can I have the blusher off my face?

Some answers I found:

1)  The most common tradition is for the father to lift the veil thereby reveiling or presenting her to the groom.

2)  Another tradition is to leave the blusher down until it is time for the groom to kiss his bride.

 3)  A new tradition is to have the groom unveil his bride after the father presents his daughter to him.

I think I’m gonna go with option #3… it combines the comfort of not having fabric on my face with the romance of my groom lifting up my veil.   What would you do with your veil?

6th Sep

We will have two Menu cards and two Reception cards/programmes.  I did the layout using MS Publisher.  The cards will be printed on 60lb Ivory Parchment paper, the same paper that was used in our Wedding invitations, using my Epson Photo Inkjet printer.  I will also be hot-gluing the cards onto the same cranberry red and ivory abaca fiber backing that was used in our wedding invitations.  I was going to make a Menu card for each seat but decided against it.  It will cut down on work and most of the menus will be discarded anyway except for the sentimental or packrats amongst our guests.

Below is our Reception programme:


6th Sep

Yikes!  Our wedding website keeps sending me emails with the days counting down to our wedding!  Just 15 days to go! 
Not only that though!  Those emails send out our (my… haha, Mr. Bloom!) Task Checklists!  So much to do in so little time.
I’ve planned and prepared but still there are tasks that cannot be done until closer to the date.  These include the seating chart, place cards, table cards, and menu cards.

Here is our Menu card.  We still have to have our final meeting with the caterers with the final head count and negotiate the vegetarian dishes and children’s dishes.  We ended up having more children attending than we thought.  Any child under 11 years old will be getting a kid’s meal.  I highly doubt toddlers will be able to eat a 6-course Italian meal.  Hopefully the caterer will be able to price accordingly.   Our contract is for 250 people.  Our count right now is 290 people!


30th Aug

Only a short post today!  I am forehead deep in wedding stuff before we head off to Pender Island for a 3-day weekend… and yes!  We will be attending Wedding #6!  Incidentally, the groom looks like Tom Cruise!  The bride has also been mistaken for Rae Dawn Chong!  Ahhhh… nothing like a celebrity look-a-like wedding!

I digress yet again!

I’m currently researching signature drinks again.  I’ve been researching for months now and trying out many.  Now it is crunchtime as I need to layout the Signature Drink menu in MS Publisher.

I found a great website that lists drinks by colour:


Here is the link to the BC Liquor Stores’ website:

Do a Product Search to find what is in stock, how much is in stock, where it can be found in British Columbia and pricing.  Don’t forget to add on the liquor taxes when you are planning your wedding alcohol budget!

Bottoms up!

28th Aug

I’m going to post the definition of “BRIDEZILLA” according to various sources.
I’m sooooo tired of people using this term to describe most brides who are doing their own wedding planning.  Anybody shelling out money for their wedding would of course want their wedding to reflect the couple and their tastes.   Anybody, bride or groom, would like things to go smoothly.   Brides can also be super-planners aka “keeners” and “over-achievers”.  <– Yep.  This is probably where I fit in.  =P

The name “Bridezilla” comes from mixing the two words “Bride” and “Godzilla”.


According to Wikipedia.org:
“Bridezilla is a generic term used to describe a difficult, unpleasant, perfectionist bride who leaves aggravated family, friends and bridal vendors in her wake. A bridezilla is obsessed with her wedding as her perfect day and will disregard the feelings of the family, bridesmaids and even her groom in her quest for the perfect wedding.  The first known citation was in The Boston Globe, June 29, 1995.[1] Bridezillas is also the name of a reality television show on WE: Women’s Entertainment.” 

Wordspy.com has this article on what a “Bridezilla” is.

Here’s what “Keener” means:

A “Keener” is a Canadian term for a go-getter who is also laid-back.  I picked up this term in the late 80’s in university.  A keener is someone who studies much harder than everyone else, does all their homework and perhaps more than what is asked, and always puts schoolwork above leisure, socializing or sleep.

Perhaps I’m not a “keener” either as I’ve still been going out a lot and socializing.  Sometimes I forego sleep though!  =)

I definitely admit to being an “over-achiever”, one who tries to perform better or achieve more success than expected.  This would be because of how our parents raised us.  I wouldn’t say this is a bad thing as it hurts noone unlike a “Bridezilla” who hurts others or a “keener” who inadvertently shortchanges his or her own self.

So now, Mr. Bloom is no longer calling me “Bridezilla” after I showed him how real “Bridezillas” are on TV and on You Tube.  Do a search for “Bridezilla” on YouTube.com and you’ll quickly see the difference.  I may be an over-achiever but at least I’m cool as a cucumber and enjoying every minute of my engagement, wedding planning, and my family and friends!  I’m one happy camper!

25th Aug


My florist and wedding event coordinator, Cecilia “CC” Roa of RoaDesigns.com, recommended this website as a great source for Local Canadian Wedding Resources.

Urban Weddings

View the Mini Website pictorials of various local weddings by clicking on the Pink box on bottom of Right column.
Also visit the Resource Directory for the directory listings of various vendors.  The site also encourages users to vote and rate vendors they have dealt with.

24th Aug

Tonight Mr. Bloom is attending a Stag for one of his friends up in Whistler.
I have the night to myself!  I can stay up as late as I want!  =D
Unfortunately, I’m not as peppy as I once was and am feeling much too lazy after a challenging work week.
Fortunately, my Bridal Shower Thank You cards have arrived.

Set of 50 cards and 50 envelopes
Bright white notes with silver ink lettering on the front that says
“Thank YOU for the shower gift” and they are blank inside

The cards with envelopes cost me about $20 CAD.  I got yet another great deal on eBay even with shipping.  I could have made them myself but I’m bogged down in wedding DIY projects already.  Plus, I would still have to buy envelopes.  I am happy with my purchase!

I have thanked everyone personally for their present after gift opening time at the shower.  However, it’s not enough nowadays.  People expect Thank You cards for wedding events.  Since I’m one to dot my i’s and cross my t’s, I’m not taking any chances with making any Etiquette blunders.  Afterall, I did go to an All-girls private school run by nuns!  *sheepish grin*. 

Another Etiquette tip I know is that you should always handwrite your Thank You notes.  No pre-printed text!  A handwritten note shows that you really do appreciate their present.

Now, the question is… what do I write on them?

I know!  You must always mention the gift that your shower guest has given you.  Again, this shows your sincerity.

And lastly, Thank You’s that shouldn’t be forgotten, is to thank your bridesmaids and/or those who hosted the Bridal Shower for you.

22nd Aug

Have you ever entered a wedding ceremony venue and got confused whether to sit on the left or the right side?  Perhaps you were lucky to have an usher help seat you by asking you if you’re from the Bride’s side or the Groom’s side.  Traditionally, in many cultures, the Bride’s side is the Left Side and the Groom’s side is the Right Side.

There are two tales why this is so.   In Chinese influenced cultures, the female bridal party members stay to the left of the male members.  This is in keeping with the “yin” and “yang” principle.  Female energy is “yin” and male energy is “yang”.


Another old story is that the bride has to stay at the groom’s left side so that he is free to draw his sword with his right side to defend against jealous suitors who are trying to steal his beloved.  Hmmm… what if the groom is left handed???