20th Aug

All of our wedding invitations are out! Yay!
Here is the inspiration for our wedding invitation.
I decided to create the invitations myself with only the cards printed professionally in order save money. If I had known that it would have taken 4 months to create… well… yeah, I still would have done them myself! =D

[photopress:1big_1.jpg,thumb,pp_style] [photopress:1bigd_1.jpg,thumb,pp_style] [photopress:17abig_1.jpg,thumb,pp_style]

The Perfect Invitation Superstore is based out of Quezon City in the Philipipnes. Communication and the price is very good considering the detail and craftmanship. They ship internationally by Fedex. For my invitations, it would have cost me a little over $1000 for 200 invitations. This is still more cost effective than many of the invitations that we can get printed locally and those are for invitations that are not as unique.

Their website is here: The Perfect Invitation Superstore .

20th Aug

Origami Place cards

I found this site with step-by-step details on how to fold Origami place cards.

Origami Tablecards


If I can’t sleep in the next 30 days, then perhaps I’ll start folding.  On second thought, perhaps not.  I’ll just stick with the standard folded place card with a Swarovski hot-stick crystal ironed on it.  Ironing on the crystals onto the wedding invitations was surprisingly therapeutic and meditative!

20th Aug

With only 33 days before the wedding, I have finally bitten the bullet and started working on putting the Ceremony programs / missalette together. Actually, I only started working on it because our officiating priest asked me to prepare it so he can take a look at our reading selections and the Filipino/Hispanic parts of the mass that he is not familiar with.


We’re having a full Roman Catholic mass. Yes, the longer one with communion and everything. I hope people enjoy music because my goal is to keep people from falling asleep with beautiful music. Not everyone attending our wedding is Catholic including Mr. Bloom so I hope to keep it interesting. Luckily, my priests and the parish are not as strict with their music requirements. It doesn’t have to be all hymnals! However, I’d still rather avoid it being like a Broadway show!


I digress! First thing to be done is to select our readings for the ceremony. My main reference is a booklet that we received at Marriage Preparation (Pre-Cana) classes back in April. The booklet is called “Celebrating Our Love: Liturgical Resources for Preparing and Celebrating Marriage”. It was very helpful and in an easy-to-read format. It includes most of the readings and descriptions on what is standard for Canadian Catholic weddings. They also outline what is needed for an outside-mass, a celebration without communion/Eucharist.

Another resource is this website: http://www.catholicbrides.com . This website allows you to interactively create your program on the fly using their Template Wizard. They also have a printing service with specialty papers and inks if you would like your programs printed professionally. Please note that you are not able to printout your templates. I just used their website as reference as they include all the reading selections and Responsorial psalms that go with each reading. They also have suggested song lists for each part of the mass.

So now I’ve selected the readings that both Mr. Bloom and I could relate to. This was easier than I thought. I wanted to choose readings that were not so… well… Bible-thumper-y. I ended up choosing the favourites, an excerpt from the Book of Genesis aka “Adam & Eve”, and from the First Book of Corinthians aka “Love Never Fails”. I remember watching the movie “The Wedding Crashers”. When Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson made a bet on the reading being I Corinthians, I burst out laughing. As some of you know, my brother and I attend many weddings each year. Doing these wedding bets is what we do!

Second task is to find out how to do the Candle Ceremony. The Candle Ceremony is a worldwide custom. Sometimes the Sand ceremony is used in its place. I was not sure when the Candle Sponsors come up to light the side candles and when the Bride and Groom light the center Unity candle.


The Unity Candle symbolizes the very essence of what the wedding is about: the combining of two individual lives into one life and also the merging of two families. I find it very fitting that the Candle ceremony happens at the start and at the end of the ceremony. The side candles are lit at the start of the ceremony by the Candle Sponsors. At the end of the ceremony, the Bride and Groom take the side candle tapers and light the Unity Candle together. We chose to keep our side candles lit because we believe it’s important to keep our own individuality while living as a couple.


The third missing component to our program is the Filipino parts of the mass. I have observed how others timed the placing of the veil, cord and the giving of coins. Most of the time, the priest just calls up each set of sponsors and they do their task. Because most of our guests are not Filipino or grew up in Canada, I wanted the priest to preface what each piece symbolizes before calling up each pair of sponsors. I searched and searched online and found this link:

Weddings by Lance – Filipino Catholic Mass Order and wording

Also, from MyBarong.com My Barong: Filipino Wedding Traditions

My last step before pdf-ing this thing and sending out to our priest is… *drumroll*… to time it! I’m going to time how long it would take to deliver the mass and add the time for music. Hopefully it won’t be more than an hour and half! I’m aiming for an hour and 15 minutes or under. =)

17th Aug

My dad went to pick up my brother’s suit at Moore’s Clothing for Men tonight.  To kill two birds with one stone, we decided to have my dad fitted for his tuxedo at the same time. 

The consultant was very helpful to point out that we should pick colours and styles that will compliment the bridal party as my dad will be in the formal group wedding photos.  Good thing she mentioned it as I was curious about the mossy green vest colour!  Our wedding photos would have looked kinda like Christmas with the green and the cranberry red.

Here is my dad’s choice of tuxedo:


All the ivory coloured Point-collar shirts were all rented out.  So we had to select a Wing-tip collar shirt.  I actually prefer the Wing-tip collar because it looks quite debonair and elegant.  I’m hoping my groom changes his mind about the point collar and have him and his groomsmen wear the wing-tip. 

15th Aug

Do you have any suggestions on what to play for the Money Dance/Honeymoon Dance song(s)?

Below are suggestions of what I found while surfing the web.
We prefer the songs that don’t sound greedy!  =D
The purpose of our Money Dance is for tradition as well as some personal one-on-one time with our guests.
Here’s an article I found on Money Dance/Dollar Dance:  http://www.walkerpub.com/moneydance.html .
And I thought the Money Dance was just a Filipino and Hispanic tradition!

All You Really Need Is Love – Brad Paisley
Amen kind of love – daryle singletary
Back At One – Brian McKnight
Bad touch – Blood hound gang
Before Your Love – Kelly Clarkson
candy – cameo
Colour My World – Chicago
Fins – Jimmy Buffet 
Fool in the Rain – Led Zepplin
For the Love of Money – O’Jays
Hey Big Spender – Sweet Charity
I Found Love (When I Found You) – Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
If I had a Million Dollars – Bare Naked Ladies
Kiss the Bride – Elton John
Lately – Tyrese
Love Don’t Cost A Thing – Jennifer Lopez
Mack the Knife – Bobby Darin
Material Girl – Madonna
Money – Pink Floyd
Money (That’s What I Want) – Flying Lizards
Money (That’s what I want) – Junior Walker
Money for Nothing – Dire Straits
Money Makes The World Go Round – Kander and Ebb – from Cabaret
Money Money – Grateful dead
Money, Money, Money – ABBA
Private Dancer – Tina Turner
Spend My Life With You – Tamia and Eric Benet
Stand by your man – Tammy Wynette
Take the Money and Run – Steve Miller Band
Ten Cents A Dance – Doris Day
The Bridal Dance (Polka) – Mark Buza Orchestra 
The Money Song – Monty Python
We Need the Money – chuck brown & the soul searchers
When I’m 64 – Beatles
Where Angels Live – Rhett Akins
With a Little Help from my Friends – Beatles

12th Aug

My brother and I have been performing music for an average of five weddings a year.  I started playing the organ and piano for weddings when I was 11 years old. My brother plays the violin for special events. Sometimes he plays the guitar and trumpet.

Here is a list of our most requested wedding ceremony music pieces:

1. Canon in D by Pachebel
2. Ave Maria by C. Gounod
3. Ave Maria by F. Schubert
4. Panis Angelicus by C. Franck
5. Wedding March from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by F. Mendelsohn
6. Bridal March from ‘Lohengrin’ by Wagner
7. All I Ask of You from ‘Phantom of the Opera’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber
8. The Prayer sung by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion
9. Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring by J.S. Bach
10. Air in G by J.S. Bach

I will have some of these pieces played at our ceremony but we’re also going to change it up a bit. What is/was your wedding ceremony music?

11th Aug

Mel and Mel Makeup

I had my makeup trial in late July.
Melody Morelos will be doing my makeup and hair for my wedding day.  She also did my makeup for our Engagement photos.


She uses professional industry makeup as well as M·A·C, Make-up Art Cosmetics which is a Canadian company founded in 1985 in Toronto, Canada.  M·A·C is now internationally recognized for their aray of colours, quality, deep pigmentation in their makeup, and numerous high-profile professional and celebrity endorsements.  The company is now owned by Estée lauder.  Here is a link to their Bridal cosmetics showcase:   http://www.maccosmetics.com/bridal/index.tmpl .

Melody is a young, vivacious and super gorgeous stylist.  I felt instantly at ease with her.  She came highly recommended by my co-worker and friend, Sara.  One of her sisters and another makeup artist will be assisting her on the wedding day as there are 6 in the wedding party needing to be made up.  Here are some photos of the trial makeup:

[photopress:30_06_07_2334.jpg,thumb,pp_style]          [photopress:Image00013_web.jpg,thumb,pp_style]

 [photopress:Image00007_web.jpg,thumb,pp_style]          [photopress:Image00008_web.jpg,thumb,pp_style]

The first photo is from my camera phone taken in my bathroom under fluorescent lighting.  The images with Melody are taken under natural lighting.  I really like the dramatic eye Melody gave me.  She used individual eyelashes to enhance my sparse ones. 

We were not using my own foundation so I found my face looking darker than my chest area.  The darker base seems to make me look less fresh and young.  I usually use M·A·C StudioFix C4 or StudioFix Fluid NC40 for my medium-fair Filipina complexion.  This is why I like M·A·C so much.  It took me years to find the perfect colour match for my skintone!

For the wedding day, I will need to have my own lipstick underneath some gloss.  Melody will be setting me up with extra makeup for the touch-ups for during the day.  Any suggestions on what brand and colour of lipstick to select?
I usually wear a neutral colour to work so I would like something with more oomph.  I am thinking of going with a plummy pink (mauve?) for a softer, fresher look.  What colour lipstick or lipgloss did you use for your wedding day?

8th Aug

Mr. Bloom and I discussed what we wanted to give to our wedding guests as thank you favours.  We decided on giving a CD to one half of a couple and a personalized shot glass to the other half. 

Here is the image that I tweaked using Adobe Photoshop.


I guess I could have created my own drawing but there’s only 45 days left before the wedding!  I have my hands full with DIY projects and weekends booked with other weddings, showers, and parties.  I saw this lineart and thought it truly represented Mr. Bloom and I. 

We thought the shotglasses would be perfect especially for the menfolk attending our wedding.  I priced out several manufacturers that produced in Canada or shipped to Canada.

I really liked the high quality laser etched shotglasses from Lasercraft.ca.  Their website can be found here:   http://www.shotglasses.lasercraft.ca/ .  These were the most expensive as the design and text are etched and not imprinted on the glass.

Sample of Lasercraft shotglass:


Another online website is CustomGlassware.com.  The glassware page is here: http://www.customglassware.com/imprinted_glasses_16.htm .  They can imprint on both sides of the glasses.  They also do Satin Etch look.  This imprinting process produces a frost-like effect on the glass that makes it look like it was laseretched or engraved.  This type of imprinting is much more economical than laseretched glass.

Example of regular colour imprinted shotglass:


 Example of Satin Etch look shotglass:


We decided on DiscountMugs.com .  Their wedding favour page is here: http://www.discountmugs.com/usa/wedding-favors.htm .  We chose them because their shipping prices were less than the other company.  Prices for the glass, imprinting, and logo design screen setup fee were basically the same.