6th Jun

Saint Patrick’s Parish

Our wedding celebration will be held at St. Patrick’s Parish in Vancouver.
We were lucky enough (lucky for me and my family anyway!) to be granted a full Catholic mass ceremony even though my fiancé is not Catholic nor baptized. He was born during the Communist era in Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic).
So yes, it’s going to be a long mass when you include music and the Filipino parts of the mass.
The parish is located on the corner of East 12th and Main Street.

[photopress:57301944_bba072054b.jpg,thumb,pp_style] [photopress:57301945_a10b7aa723.jpg,thumb,pp_style]



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3rd Jun

I’m having a “Money Dance” at our wedding in September.  I’m of Filipino descent and born in Canada.  My fiancé is Czech but came here as a child.

Filipino weddings have adopted the “Money Dance” from the Hispanics and it’s actually expected at Filipino weddings.

The Czech tradition has the bride carrying a small blanket like a baby.  The guests come up to her and put money in the small basket as a symbol of supporting the start of the couple’s new family.

I’ve been to over 125 weddings (I perform at weddings) over the years.  The most successful money dance in terms of not boring your guests to tears as well as  in terms of $ is to:
1)  Not forget to bring the straight pins with plastic ball tips.
2)  Have the MC introduce the money dance with an explanation of the tradition as to not offend those who don’t know about the tradition.
3)  Most importantly, have people dance around the bride and groom doing the Money Dance.  This way, guests aren’t just sitting around watching the lineup of guests wanting to dance with the bride or groom.�
This also works in collecting more money because guests will be more inclined to dance with the bride or groom if more people are on the dance floor – PLUS the Money Dance can go on for more songs as it’s not slowing down the party.

—  Will you be having the Money Dance at your wedding?
—  Does the Money Dance sound greedy?  Or a good way to show support for the couple?

29th May

This week we sent out our STD’s.
What are STD’s?  Perhaps not what you think!  STD = Save-The-Date .
Save-The-Date annoucements are sent to invited guests to let them know when your wedding is to take place.
They are helpful for our busy guests and especially for the out-of-town guests who would need to make special arrangements for time-off and travelling.
Personally, we have 6 weddings to attend this year not including our own!
2007 seems to be the year for weddings!
It is great to know many months ahead of time when a wedding is going to take place.

Here is an example of the Premium Smilebox postcard that we sent.

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Please note that STD’s are different from formal invitations.  STD’s do not have the complete wedding details such as venue addresses and event descriptions.  They are simply an announcement as to when a wedding is to take place.

The most common STD’s being sent out are stationary / print cards.
To cut costs, we opted for STD’s sent by email.  We have the emails of the majority of our guests so this would make it convenient for us.  At the same time, in our STD’s, we asked our guests to send us their mailing address to where we could send our formal invitations as well as their full names.  We requested their full names so that we could address the formal invitations with correct etiquette and also have the correct name on their place cards.  We got really confused trying to remember some of our guests’ spouses/partners names, whether they went by their maiden names, or the names their children took.  I think I’ll keep it simple and take my fiancé’s last name and add it after my maiden name!

At first we were going to send out our STD through www.OurWeddingDay.com .   It’s a free service!
Then, I stumbled upon Smilebox.  Smilebox has hundreds of designs to choose from.  You can personalize your e-card with your own wording, music and photos.  You can even embed video in it!  We were going to add a video annoucement to ours but my fiancé didn’t want to be on camera.  Party pooper! =)
Smilebox card is free.  They also have a Premium card which costs $1.99 US for a full-screen card and allows uploading of your own music.

Are you sending out a Save-The-Date annoucement?
Are yours stationary or e-cards?

26th May

Welcome to Bloomin’ Brides!

Welcome to Bloomin’ Brides, a blog site dedicated to the Canadian bride.
I am to be married in September 2007.   I had 9 months to plan my bigger-than-you-can-chew wedding!
Just 4 months to go!  Yikes!

I’ve always known what I wanted for my wedding.
Luckily, my fiancé’s plans are along the same lines as mine.  PHEW!
When I started researching vendors and items that I would like to procure, I found it difficult to source out Canadian resources.  I have to admit that I did most of my shopping for wedding apparel and decor on eBay!
Okay, I admit it… I spend HOURS DAILY researching potential wedding purchases online before I make a bid.
So far, I’m very pleased with what I’ve bought.  I can also say that that I’m quite comfortable with the prices I had to pay for them… shipping, exchange rate, and the off-chance I had to pay customs and brokerage fees.
Surprisingly, I don’t feel guilty about any purchases!  It’s a wedding so some of the purchases were emotional buys – but at least I got a wicked deal on them.   Some 1/3 the cost for the item at a bridal shop! (if I could actually find the item in Canada)

The blog entries that follow will describe items that I’ve researched.
The blog will also showcase Canadian vendors as well as international vendors that ship to Canada.
Hopefully, we will also have many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects to share.
I will also share what my fiancé and I have learned at the much groaned about mandatory marriage preparation classes we attended.  With all the wedding celebration preparations, many couples and families forget about the psychological, emotional, and financial preparations that should be addressed before the wedding day.

If you would like to be a contributing author on this blog, please email me at editor@bloominbrides.com .